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Join Spectrum Bier in Crafting Inclusion!

Crafting a Better Future with Spectrum Bier

Welcome to Spectrum Bier - where craft, community, and commitment converge. As a social enterprise and craft brewery, we champion inclusivity, offering individuals with special needs not just employment but a path to personal and professional growth.

Why Spectrum Bier?

A Social Enterprise with Heart: More than brewing, we're about bringing positive change.

An Inclusive Workplace: Over 70% of our staff are talented individuals with additional needs.

High-Quality Craft Beer: Delicious beers brewed with passion and precision.

Career Launchpad: Empowering staff to build their careers, at Spectrum and beyond.

Our Mission

Spectrum Bier is on a mission to empower. We provide meaningful employment and training in various commercial roles, with a focus on helping individuals with special needs grow, excel, and eventually ‘graduate’ to build fulfilling careers elsewhere.

Why Your Support Matters

Empowering Individuals: Your support helps us offer employment and training to people with special needs.

Skill Sharing: Funds go towards mentorship opportunities with experienced professionals.

Sustainable Growth: Contributions aid in building a business with a social heart.

Community Impact: Together, we advocate for neurodiversity and inclusion.

Our Plan

  1. Start Small, Dream Big: Beginning in a founder's home, scaling up to dedicated premises, and eventually opening our own bar.

  2. Training and Development: Offering diverse career paths in brewing, digital marketing, logistics, and more.

  3. Sustainable Operations: Focusing on crowdfunding and financial security without borrowing.

How Can You Contribute

  1. Donations: Every contribution makes a difference.

  2. Skill Volunteering: Share your expertise in brewing, finance, legal, sales, marketing, or logistics.

  3. Corporate Sponsorship: We welcome partnerships with organizations aligned with our values.

  4. Spread the Word: Help us grow our community by sharing our story.

Questions or want to get involved? Contact us at

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