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Special Bier crafted by Special People

A Craft Brewery that provides training and meaningful
employment for adults with Special Needs.


We’re more than a craft brewery.

Founded by 3 families with deep connections to the Special Needs community we exist to improve the lives of people with Special Needs. We know that with support and inclusion any individual with Special Needs can excel at what they do.

Our Brewery will provide the support needed to ensure that the working for Spectrum Bier will improve the skills, independence, fulfilment of all our employees. We will also have a lot of fun along the way! 


Our Story

Spectrum is more than a brewery; it’s a mission dedicated to helping as many people as we can find meaningful lifelong employment. We know from personal experience that given extra care, time, and understanding people with Special Needs can become people with Special Talents. 
Success for us will be the day when an employee leaves the Spectrum family to get another job, fully confident that they can succeed as an independent adult. 
At Spectrum, we see and nurture the unique strengths of each employee, this is reflected in our beer which is made with love and superhuman levels of attention to detail and precision. 

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Meet the Team

Discover the Unique Stories Behind Each Can.

Our extraordinary team members at Spectrum Bier each bring a unique story. Their diverse backgrounds and perspectives are the heartbeat of our brewery, and it’s their dedication and skills that make our beer truly special. Learn more about the distinctive touch they bring to every Beer they craft.




This is Sarah! She is one of the three female co-founders of Spectrum. Aside from working at Spectrum, she is a part-time learning support assistant. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors running and trying out new coffee spots!




Erin is a Special Needs educator for over ten years and is one of the Spectrum co-founders. She is a proud Utrechter who enjoys the flower market and bier drinking along the canals. When she’s not working at Spectrum you can find her on a terrace playing water polo and rescuing plants from garden centers.




Claire is Elliot’s Mum and a founding partner of Spectrum. Claire loves living in Amsterdam for the beer and music scene. When not working for Spectrum, you’ll find her in Paradiso or Melkweg.

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Brew Crew

Stone Cold, Trinity & Goose

Stone Cold
Our tough yet kind polar bear ensures brewery security with his no-nonsense approach, keeping things as cool as the Arctic.

This agile and strategic crocodile drives our long-term goals, ensuring we stay ahead of the competition.

Our fun-loving adventurer excels at marketing and community engagement, always ready to turn events into beach parties.

Our promise

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