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At Spectrum Bier, we are more than just a brewery. We are a community dedicated to integrating adults with special needs into the workforce. Our mission is to empower these individuals through personalised training and meaningful employment opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe that people with special needs are special people and we want to create an environment for their talents to shine.

Our Story

Our Brewing Journey

Started by a group of craft beer enthusiasts. our brewery has evolved into a hub for

artisanal brews across various styles.


Our Stats

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Meet the brewers behind the craft

Discover the Unique Stories Behind Each Can.

Our extraordinary team members at Spectrum Bier each bring a unique story. Their
diverse backgrounds and perspectives are the heartbeat of our brewery, and it’s their

dedication and skills that make our beer truly special. Learn more about the

distinctive touch they bring to every Beer they craft.


Delivery Co-Ordinator

Elliot is 18 and is a proud Scot. Elliot is our beer labeller and Delivery Co-Ordinator. He enjoys meeting customers, and his favourite is Clint from Wild Romance because he’s a legend. Elliot is a fan of Super Mario and Queens of The Stone Age.



Canning Specialist

This is Verity who is 18 and our Canning Specialist. Verity also loves spending time coming up with new names for our biers. Away from Spectrum she enjoys watching WWE and playing hockey.



Erin is a Special Needs educator for over ten years and is one of the Spectrum co-founders. She is a proud Utrechter who enjoys the flower market and bier drinking along the canals. When she’s not working at Spectrum you can find her on a terrace playing water polo and rescuing plants from garden centres.




This is Sarah! She is one of the three female
co-founders of Spectrum. Aside from working at Spectrum, she is a part-time learning support assistant. In her free time she enjoys spending time outdoors running and trying out new coffee spots!



Claire is Elliot’s Mum and a founding partner of Spectrum. Claire loves living in Amsterdam for the beer and music scene. When not working for Spectrum, you’ll find her in Paradiso or Melkweg.


How can I become involved?
It's so easy! Just 3 simple steps...

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Buy a

Spectrum Bier


Have a drink and

enjoy the taste


Tell your friends

about us

If you would like to become more involved, or even volunteer, we'd love to hear from you.

Send us an email, or chat with us via our website chatbot or through any of our social media channels.

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